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Thornhill Securities, Inc., offers comprehensive investment advisory and investment banking services to institutions, growing businesses, entrepreneurs, and successful individuals seeking to grow and preserve their assets. An independent broker-dealer and investment advisor based in Austin, TX, we offer the experience, resources and insight to help our clients forge a path toward financial success. We pride ourselves on the level of personalized service we provide and on the depth of research and diligence that drives our recommendations. From business banking to personal investing, our highly qualified and experienced advisors are here to help.

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Thornhill Securities guides successful individuals and families in making investment decisions focused on long-term returns that support asset preservation and growth.


Investment Banking

Small businesses and entrepreneurs rely on Thornhill Securities for assistance with raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, and more.


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At Thornhill Securities, we believe asset allocation is the key driver of portfolio returns that result in long-term growth. This conviction is based not only on our own experience, but also on findings demonstrated in researchpapers by leading financial authors, including Ibbotson and Brinson.


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide a superior broker-dealer and investment advisory platform for financial advisors serving the wealth management and capital advisory needs of institutional and entrepreneurial-minded clients.
Thornhill Securities, Inc., is an independent broker-dealer, investment advisor and investment bank. We are guided by the following principles in our two primary market areas

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